Your words gave me many hints and a big push.

千春さん、Dr Gibsonのセミナー、いろいろためになりました。ありがとうございました。

Dr Gibson、

I was happy to have had the opportunity to participate in your seminar. Fortunately I have always been quite good with the nutritional part、 but I still have some way to go with the mental part. I still need to work on my affirmation and your words gave me many hints and a big push. I have some muscle problems (I thought they might be rheumatism、 but they seem not. My problem is loss of strength、 but they seem to be finally improving now after 7 years.) and digestive problems (This seems to originally come from malfunction of autonomous nerves which stops the digestive system from working. Ive had the problem for more than 13 years、 but this too seems to be finally improving. Ive been on a paleo diet for the last two years.).

I have been closely communicating with two close friends、 one is a pianist who has dystonia and the other has developed ITP one year ago. Both of them are trying to overcome the problem with natural cure (nutrition、 exercise、 chiropractic、 etc) and are improving. The friend with ITP has probably already overcome the problem、 and all she has to do now is to continue what she is doing to make sure that her body stays as it is. I will share the content of the seminar with them and also with others. I realise that by communicating with each other and helping each other every day、 we have managed to make an enormous difference (matches your advice to share the improvements).

Unfortunately in Japan、 we have very few doctors like yourself who can guide patients through natural cures. I know that you are a very rare kind of doctor even in the US、 but in Japan most of the doctors rely solely on western medicine resorting too much on medication、 operations、 etc. People who want to cure the problem with natural means are left with various information on natural cures but no guidance when making choices and setting up package of cures for themselves. Guidance on the mental care part is especially lacking in Japan. This is a separate issue、 but good treatment with emphasis on counselling for those who have mental / psychological problems hardly exists in Japan even when demand is growing all the time. I hope that your long-term (?) project of setting up practice in Japan will be realised soon.

【東京都 Y.K.さん 2015年3月21日記】


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